Building Renovations Updates

Exciting Things Are Happening At Pacific Hills!

We’re updating our facility to better accomplish our mission:

Share Christ t Serve Others

Beginning in the summer of 2020, the project includes refreshing our worship space, expanding meeting and visitor areas, and providing better accessibility throughout the buildings.

These projects will allow us to provide an efficient facility for guests and members, and to continue to welcome more brothers and sisters into the church.


Renovations Update November 11, 2020 - The HVAC

The heating/ventilation/air conditioning system at Pacific Hills is being replaced. Last week, they took out the old chiller and AC unit. The condition of the chiller was well beyond its life expectancy, as you can see in these photos! This is the system in process of being removed.

For the few weeks of extreme fluctuations in temperature, with the AC inoperable, we have enjoyed morning airflow from the windows in the sanctuary when necessary.

Renovations Update November 11, 2020 - The Elevator

Exciting Things are happening with the elevator! The new shaft is going up, and the equipment room is being built, also. The elevator will provide access to all three floors of the education wing, from Acker Hall to the main level, to upstairs meeting rooms.

Here is a progressive look at the progress, from removal of the Elevette, to this week.

After the shaft is complete, we very much look forward to installation of the equipment and the elevator itself.

Renovations Update October 20, 2020 - Elevator

You have to admit, a new elevator really is an Exciting Thing. Especially when there are three floors of space that will be fully accessible for worship, meetings, activities, potlucks, and all the things.

But getting that elevator installed is a lot of work. The old machinery was removed. Then they dug. And dug some more. Finally, they have installed part of the shaft. Cement was poured, walls were waterproofed, and dirt is waiting to be backfilled.

The elevator is a huge structure, very heavy, with moving parts. It is a key component of the renovations. So it’s important to get it right. Crews work diligently and methodically to make that happen. But it’s not happening overnight.

Progress is ongoing. Keep these guys in your prayers.

Renovations Update October 20, 2020 - Offices

Walls are framed in for the offices. A total reconfiguration of the space is happening. Wiring, cabling and security are key office projects. Part of this project includes relocating the electronics that serve the staff.

The administrative assistant’s desk will move to a new space adjacent to the narthex. Framing for that entrance has been installed. The window will accommodate security and guest needs.

Soon, a new door will be installed between the Preschool Director’s office and the church offices.

Renovations Update October 20, 2020 - Outside 2

Exciting Things continue happening at Pacific Hills! Take the choir loft elevator, for instance. Many long-time members will rejoice that this is finally almost complete. Recent photos show the project on three consecutive days. It’s progressing nicely.

The new vestibule entry is designed with this elevator. Both structures will sport the same roofline as the original building. Matching brick will be applied for a cohesive look.

But these are just part of what is happening in the Moorhead Courtyard.

Things will be beautiful again. Pavers will be reinstalled, and plants will bloom to welcome guests. It’s a process. All the mud and mess will be worth it.

Renovations Update October 20, 2020 - The Narthex

It’s hard to remember what the narthex used to be. Oh, wait! We have visuals for you.

But a transformation is taking place and they’ve done so much already. Crews have made the space healthier, removed walls and flooring, and framed in the new office entry. Can you even imagine?!  Our old mailbox cubbies have moved on to a new home with our resident artist Michelle.

Behind the cubbies was the library, a large room used mostly for the historical book collection and small meetings. Well, that space has been reappropriated to create a larger narthex and part of the new front office. The entire offices are getting an overhaul, as well. But for now, here’s a view of the narthex in its current state.

Such Exciting Things are Happening! Stay tuned.