An international fraternity of confessional Lutheran laymen and pastors, supporting proclamation of Christian doctrine in the new media.
  1. Martin Luther’s Discovery: The Late Medieval Background

    In 1545, Martin Luther wrote the preface for the publication of his complete works in Latin.  Therein he included a biographical statement that included his recollection of how he rediscovered the doctrine of justification by faith alone.  He wrote: At … Continue reading
  2. Lambs at Pasture for Sexagesima

    Lambs at Pasture for Sexagesima and its Answer Key are now available for download. English Version English Answer Key The repetitive nature of Lambs at Pasture aids in familiarity and memorization of key passages. This is especially true when used in conjunction … Continue reading
  3. Septuagesima Sunday – “Once Saved Always Saved? No!”

    Septuagesima Sunday   January 28, 2018   “Once Saved Always Saved?  No!”   1 Corinthians 9:24 –10:5   Click here to listen to audio of this sermon.   Do you not know that those who run in a race all … Continue reading
  4. A Laymen’s Commentary on the Augsburg Confession: Both Kinds in the Sacrament

    Article XXII: Of Both Kinds in the Sacrament. 1] To the laity are given Both Kinds in the Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper, because this usage has the commandment of the Lord in Matt. 26:27: Drink ye all of it, … Continue reading
  5. “False Doctrine is…”

    Introduction “False Doctrine is…” How do you finish that sentence? What do you say about false doctrine? Does it really exist? Is it simply a matter of interpretation? Can we ever get rid of false doctrine? Is pure doctrine and … Continue reading