Pacific Hills Lutheran Church supports missions, missionaries, and social ministry endeavors as part of our congregation's mission statement:

Share Christ - Serve Others

Throughout the year the Missions & Social Ministry Board arranges visits by missionaries through a variety of LCMS mission connections. We often enjoy a sermon from a missionary or a presentation by a missionary family, and support several ongoing missionary projects to help others Share Christ. In this way, we also Share Christ and help address the most important need - that of hearing God's Word.

Additionally, this board contributes to and involves members in mission projects that serve the spiritual needs of others around the world. Through Lutheran relief efforts, providing Bible sticks to servicemen and women, helping to provide medical supplies to third world countries through Bible teachers, and through local church programs, we Share Christ and Serve those in most need of God's comfort and care during trying times or ongoing situations.

Serving Others through general social ministry is another important part of who our congregation is. Local food banks and pantries, refugee services, clothing drives, collections for social service groups, and similar activities help meet basic human needs for those in our community and those serving our country.