Title Scripture Speaker Date Hits
Don't Worry Be Happy Luke 12:22-34 Rev. Bryan Drebes 2019-08-11 18
Watch Out A Good God or a Goods God Luke 12:13-21 Rev. Bryan Drebes 2019-08-04 26
Choose What Is Better (6th Sunday after Pentecost) Luke 10:38-42 Rev. Bryan Drebes 2019-07-21 28
Which One Was The Neighbor? (5th Sunday after Pentecost) Luke 10:25-37 Rev. Bryan Drebes 2019-07-14 29
Jesus Sends Out His Workers (4th Sunday after Pentecost) Luke 10:1-20 Rev. Bryan Drebes 2019-07-07 20
Freedom in Christ (3rd Sunday after Pentecost) Galatians 5:1-25 Rev. Bryan Drebes 2019-06-30 21
How Do You Think About Yourself and Would Jesus Agree? Luke 8:26-39 Rev Bill Steinbauer 2019-06-23 12
Being Born Again (Holy Trinity Sunday) John 3:1-17 Rev. Bryan Drebes 2019-06-16 11
Pentecost Can Be Summed Up In One Word Acts 2:1-21 Rev. Bryan Drebes 2019-06-09 6