The official newspaper of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod
  1. Imposing Death Safely

    God's mercy in Christ is [our] only hope to be saved. Not without death, but despite it, through it, and from it.
  2. Tips for English Conversation Partners

    The LCMS Office of International Mission has been partnering with our missionaries to provide volunteer support to ongoing English-based outreach efforts. These tips are based on one missionary’s experience hosting an online conversation group, but most can be applied in any English conversation partner setting.
  3. Emotions and the Church

    One thing that happens because we are a church body that highly values thinking and learning is that we talk less about our emotions.
  4. The Church — Praying

    Prayer is the sign that the church is still breathing, however labored that breath may be. The cross leads us to despair of everything — save Christ!
  5. The Many Tasks of the Church Worker

    As we serve the church, we can leave the saving to the One who does it best.