The official newspaper of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod
  1. Church Worker Wellness: Week 53 Devotion – Spiritual Wellness

    People need the healing assurance of forgiveness God offers through His Son Jesus.
  2. Financial concerns for churches in the coronavirus crisis

    Those who have been blessed materially have been blessed by the Lord to be a blessing, especially in a time of crisis such as the coronavirus pandemic.
  3. Giving offerings to my congregation in difficult times

    During the coronavirus pandemic, our worship offerings must continue for our Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod congregations to survive and thrive.
  4. Livestream your church service today

    You just learned that you need to start livestreaming your church services immediately. You have no budget, no equipment, no plan. But you have a smartphone. This tutorial will show you a quick, easy and cheap way to start livestreaming right away.
  5. Church Worker Wellness: Week 52 Devotion – Vocational Wellness

    Saying, “If you want me to” to God can be scary.