1. The light that rises above all other lights

    Las Vegas — bright lights and Sin City. For First Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Las Vegas is the setting in which they proclaim the Gospel to bring forgiveness of sins and the brightest light of all —Christ. A few blocks from downtown — not the Strip that many identify with Las Vegas, with its towering…
  2. Amen! Praise and Glory…

    Broken, yet chosen. Naphtali, like all of us, was dead in transgressions. The Resurrection and the Life bought him with His own precious blood. Purchased and won, Naphtali is broken no more, since God has claimed him to be His own child through the waters of Baptism. Broken and discarded, yet chosen, a small white…
  3. Hymnals in Swahili, Amharic, Mandarin Chinese and Indonesian

    How did a decision to pursue deaconess studies lead Sandra Rhein to become an international hymnal consultant?
  4. In L.A., Miami, or wherever the Lord allows

    Lutheran schools from L.A. to Miami are bringing God’s Word to the children entrusted to their care.
  5. Compassion amongst the chaos of storms

    God is at work in Puerto Rico following the hurricanes that devastated the island last fall.