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Created: 2019-05-05
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A study of Colossians by Dr. Bob Vandervort

Created: 2019-03-24
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Praying With Confidence: In Search of God’s Will
A Bible Study by Dr. Bob Vandervort 

Why do we end most prayers saying “In Jesus’ name I pray”?  What does that mean? Do you pray knowing that your prayer is within the will of God ? Do you even think that is possible?  Or do you pray hoping God will answer your prayer as you desire as if prayer is some kind of lottery?  God does not intend for knowledge of His Will to be some sort of cloak and dagger exercise.  Come and join us, as we explore God’s Word to find out what prayer is and how to have a more abundant and effective prayer life.

Note that this is 3rd and final version of the Bible study and adds a few more pages than the previous 2 versions.  This is 8 pages long.  

Created: 2018-10-30
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Understanding the Enemy:  An Examination of Satan - Are you leading a victorious life in Christ or are you in a state of “battle fatigue”?  Do you really understand our enemy the Devil and how he works in your life to divert you away from Christ?  Do you see the world through “Spiritual Eyes” that recognize how fully Satan has infiltrated it?  This is an in depth look at what the Bible has to say about the “old evil foe” and how Jesus has defeated him so that you can lead a victorious life in Christ.  This study by Bob Vandervort started October 2018.

Created: 2018-10-13
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A Study of the Life of Elisha by Dr. Bob Vandervort.  This is the final version (09/04/2016).

Created: 2018-10-13
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A Study of the Book of Joshua.  A study guide by Bob Vandervort.  Dr. Vandervort led this Bible Study during Summer 2017.