Jesus Miracle feeding 5000

In preschool we’ve been talking about the miracles of Jesus.

While learning about Jesus feeding the 5,000 we discussed what a generous God we have. The people with Jesus that day were hungry, and he provided enough food to satisfy them, and there were even 12 baskets of leftovers.

The preschoolers talked about wants and needs and how God provides for everything we need (such as food, clothes, etc.) as well as many things we want (toys, TVs, games).

Jesus even gives us natural beauty that we don’t have to have such as rainbows and flowers. And of course he gave us what we needed the most — a Savior.

As we prepare our hearts for Holy Week, let us remember what an amazing, generous God we have; one who provides us with all we need for this body and life, one who provides many “extras” for us, and one who has secured eternity for us with Him in heaven.


Kay Storck
Lamb of God Preschool

Kay Storck is the Preschool Director at Lamb of God Preschool in Omaha Nebraska.  Lamb of God Preschool provides a rich Christian environment for children to grow in all areas of development and to know Jesus as Savior and friend.