Pastor And Janet Kumm Thanks and Farewell

Thanks and Farewell Pastor & Janet Kumm!

We thank God for the gift of Pastor Michael Kumm and his wife, Janet, who have served our congregation during the past two months! With Pastor Bryan Drebes returning to his call at Pacific Hills, it is bittersweet as we bid farewell to the Kumms for now.  Pastor Kumm was able to step in temporarily, and seamlessly serve the congregation through Lent and Easter. “This is what it means to be in a Synod,” he said of his time at Pacific Hills, citing the cohesiveness of the LCMS community. Janet travelled with Pastor Kumm to Omaha from South Dakota most Sundays, and we thank God for her support and participation, as well.

Pastor Drebes returns to Pacific Hills next week, and we rejoice in his recovery and the service of his wife, Cheryl, and him to our congregation! Welcome back, Pastor.