News from Living H2O Board of Directors

As we look forward to 2019, Living H2O Lutheran Campus Ministry in Omaha announces new plans and staffing.

We are pleased to announce the appointment of DCE Allison Parkhurst to serve part-time as Director of Ministries. Ms. Parkhurst will lead a coalition of Directors of Christian Education from Omaha churches in helping campus ministry reach out into our congregations to offer ministry opportunities for Omaha students remaining in the Omaha metro for their college years. Additionally, Ms. Parkhurst will be discovering ways to reach into the UNO community to build relationships and share Christ with Lutheran as well as unchurched students.

Assisting her will be Mikayla Booth. Ms. Booth was our student assistant prior to her graduation this December from UNO. She will serve part-time as Administrative Assistant to the ministry. We are excited to have Ms. Booth continue with us until her pending enrollment at Concordia Theological Seminary next fall, where she intends to prepare for a deaconess ministry in the LCMS.

As we move into 2019, the intent of the Board is that we engage our Omaha congregations in helping us serve their college students who remain in Omaha for their college years. Additionally, the Board wants to focus its outreach on students from outside Omaha attending UNO. Of course, students attending other institutions of higher education will always be welcome to be part of the ministry. Also, we plan to expand our ministry to young, post-college adults during those important years of life.

The Board considers this move a leap of faith. We are asking those who have supported us in the past to consider helping us move forward in this venture of faith with prayers, as well as a financial gift to us at this time. We don’t know where this will go. But we have prayed, and we have asked the Lord to bless us in this new direction. Our partnerships with the Nebraska District, congregations, and individuals will all remain important.

A new year brings a new beginning. With your support, this new beginning can prayerfully become a rich blessing to Lutheran students attending higher education here in Omaha.

We are truly grateful for the past leadership provided by retiring DCE Don Bader. Mr. Bader has served for 10 years and loved and helped countless individuals during their college years. We join in giving thanks for all that he has done for our Lutheran students.

Now the time has come for a new beginning and a renewed effort to expand the ministry. We are excited for the future of Lutheran campus ministry here in Omaha. We pray you share our passion and desire to help us as we move forward.

On behalf of the Board of Directors of Living H2O Lutheran Campus Ministry,

Rev. Stephen R. Bartelt,

President Living H2O Board of Directors


You can find more information about "Living H20" Lutheran Campus Ministry on their website at  The college age group still meets every Wednesday at 8:00 PM for Bible study (suppers begin at 7:00 PM) at "The Gathering Place", 1124 S 90th St. Omaha NE.   The Gather Place is across the parking lot from Pacific Hills Lutheran Church.
They can also be followed on Facebook.
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