The construction guys are all over the facility, with multiple projects happening. This is helping to keep the project moving. They continued on the choir loft elevator this week, and we captured some images of work in progress. This large frame will go at the bottom of the shaft. You can see the hole for the shaft in the upper right corner. The orange string, and lots of measuring and checking, help assure it's square and level. They are protecting the walkway with plywood planks.

All the details matter, and the crew with Construct, Inc. is often caught triple-checking measurements. Here they are measuring and marking where the new vestibule will be, to ensure the frame above will go in correctly.

Our working, meeting and gathering space is condensed for now. The sanctuary remains open for services on Sunday mornings (8:00 am and 10:30 pm). Offices are temporarily in the upper level of the education wing. For this season of renovation and renewal, we are grateful we are able to come together to worship and to continue our work for the Lord.