Brace yourself. It does not look pretty right now in the Sanctuary. But, hey, even Michelangelo used scaffolding, right? Our construction guys even have a boom to reach the high places! With the altar removed and protective sheeting in place, work continues on various projects. The old tile on the altar and steps has been removed.

A look at the back of the Sanctuary shows that most of the pews and the carpet have been removed. Protective coverings on the stained glass windows continue to safeguard the irreplaceable masterpiece. Booms (the platforms that raise) and scaffolding make work on the ceilings and new lighting possible.

We have a view of the choir loft from the Sanctuary, which reveals that precautions are being taken to protect the organ and pipes. The new choir loft elevator opening is on the left.

The trancepts are being fitted with cove lighting. And, yes, the hanging lights will be replaced with energy-efficient, updated fixtures.