It’s amazing what a jackhammer and some hard work can do. The ramp from the Elevette to Acker Hall has been demolished and the debris removed. When the new elevator is installed, the bit of hallway seen here will also be lowered to Acker floor level. Five-gallon buckets were used, because the debris is so heavy and must be carted out in many small loads.

The wall where beautiful cabinets once kept things organized has been removed, and the stage floor demolished. (Concrete over dirt; many of you were wondering.) All those shovels in a row testify to hours of hard, manual labor, and “stage hands” carefully removing dirt and concrete.

You never know what you might find during demo! These crossed utility conduits were under the stage, and will be addressed to accommodate the remodel. A temporary brace has been attached to prevent damage. There is also a vertical sewage line (larger green one) in the photo above.

Work progresses, thanks to a strong crew that we do not see on Sunday mornings. Please keep them in your prayers as they do the difficult, dirty and time-consuming things.