Some projects do not allow for us to get near enough to get pictures. Additional work is being done in the old office area, as part of demolition. Every trace of old materials is being removed to provide a clean, healthy environment.

Crews worked on the new egress door. Lots of little details is why we let the professionals do their work.

And the choir loft elevator excavation. This happens mostly by hand to protect the structure that will once again hold the stained glass panels.

And more digging. This is on the north (Pacific St.) side of the building. They have to dig pretty far down to put in the new equipment for the elevator to the education wing.

Upcoming work includes finishing office demo, more digging, and we’re guessing lots of laundry at home for our construction guys, Construct, Inc. and subs.

Temporary visitor parking signs have been installed in the east/south parking lot for this season of renovation. They are in the far southeast corner, closest to 90th Street, allowing easy access to the east entry door to the sanctuary on Sundays for visitors.