The church offices were moved upstairs for the duration of the office renovations. Thanks for Joann and Jackie for preparing for and enduring the relocation. Thanks to volunteers that packed, culled, moved small items, and set up. The old workroom was emptied and relocated upstairs. Staff, directors, and volunteers are making the best of the situation for the short term.


Staff workspace and files are temporarily in room 212. Pastor’s office is in room 209 (shown before move-in). Room 115 on the main level, which housed the congregation and board mailboxes for the last few weeks, is inaccessible. Those items are in the temporary office, which remains locked during non-business hours.


College Hunks moving company made short work of hauling the heavy and bulky items upstairs, including taking apart, moving and rebuilding furniture.


There was time for a little levity during the move -- a celebratory dance by Dan. Office renovations are underway starting Monday, August 17.